Les Domaines Agricoles had made environmental protection one of its priorities. Consequently, we have developed sustainable production systems such as sustainable and organic farming that allows biodiversity, sustainable water resource management, bulk propagation of fruit species to restore fragile and threatened ecosystems, multiplication and planting of carob trees which has a substantial ecological role in the fight against desertification.

We have also taken numerous actions if the fields of energy efficiency, the use of renewable energy sources, and liquid and solid waste management.
Furthermore, Les Domaines Agricoles are actively involved in economic and social development in the regions where they operate.
In addition, we have a policy of assisting and supporting small and medium sized producers that allows them to increase yields, improve the quality of their products and increase the profitability of their businesses.
Lastly, each production site contributes, at its level, to the social development in its region via long term actions targeting the local population : literacy and training programmes, gifts of products, school renovations…