Abdellah RAHMOUN

Miv. Manager, BU Seeds and Nurseries

In 1993, I wrote my final dissertation and was awarded a degree in agronomy. In the same year I joined Les Domaines Agricoles.
Joining Les Domaines Agricoles enabled me to look forward to a great career path, in terms of both function and geography, thanks to the extent and diversity of its professions and activities.
I was given responsibility, on my recruitment, for technical management in a broad field in which crops and irrigation methods are very diverse. This was a challenge and a wonderful career experience.
The son of a farmer, enthusiastic about my profession, I developed quickly at Les Domaines Agricoles. My managers broadened my field of activity. In addition to technical management, they entrusted me with other management projects. I gained in self-confidence and became aware of my professional capabilities and competencies.
In 2004, my managers put me forward for promotion to an area management position. I was interviewed to assess my skills, which was successful, and I was subsequently entrusted with running two farms devoted to the cultivation of field crops in the Gharb region.
With the aim of improving our managerial skills, field managers undertake numerous training courses, which include a training cycle in management in partnership with the ISCAE. This cycle is preceded by a number of advanced courses in team management, labour law, etc.